About Free Restaurant Menus and Menu Advertising

As the name implies, we design and print restaurant and bar menus for free. We earn a profit and cover the cost of designing, printing, and shipping the menus by selling ads on the menu to local businesses.

If local businesses are not interested in advertising on the menu, or if a restaurant owner would prefer a menu without ads, we can also negotiate to design and print menus for a fee.

For businesses that do not have an ad prepared, we can create an ad for a small fee. We can also provide these businesses with a copy of the ad we create for them to be used in other advertising campaigns.

A common question we receive is, "what if I don't like my menu design." While restaurant owners, up to this point, have been happy with every design we have done, if a situation arises in which an owner feels a design is unsatisfactory, we will first work to make the changes desired. If, after editing, and owner still isn't satisfied, we will provide him or her with other designs ideas from which to choose.

Because we request graphics and color schemes from restaurant owners before beginning the design, odds are very good that your design will be consistent with the theme of your restaurant. And because we incorporate food photographs provided by restaurant owners, the menus often help up-sell customers on appetizers, desserts, and drinks. (Although food photography is sometimes a little tricky, we will provide instructions to help create great food photographs. We also highlight and enhance the photographs for maximum quality.)

Ads on the menu are inexpensive ($100 + $15 if we are doing the artwork) and are a great way for local businesses to both support a neighborhood restaurant and target local customers in a medium that is much more likely to be noticed than a newspaper or radio ad. Advertisers will also find that returns on menu advertising are both better and more easily tracked than other forms of advertising.

Still have a question? Please ask. We understand that things are rarely free, and that it seems that the world of business is underwritten by fine print. We're happy to clear up any concerns and talk in-depth about the process of ordering free menus.